We are the bridge between potential & performance

As performance science specialists, we take a holistic approach to maximising human performance. Using the latest technologies, customised algorithms and the application of advanced scientific principles, we work with our clients to implement successful strategies and solutions to ensure their team reaches maximal potential.

Do you want to improve performance in sport?

Our proven systems and strategy will take your athletes and team to the next level.

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PIA is focused on using a variety of methods to maximise and monitor the physiological and psychological status of your team.

Through the collection and analysis of daily data we are able to give insight to how each individual can make improvements that will lead to improved performance.

Although PIA has a strong commitment to data driven decision making it is our belief that it is the combination of the quantitative and qualitative information that creates the best performance profile of the people we work with.

We give meaning to the data so that the numbers
have a positive impact on

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