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We are the bridge between potential and performance.

As performance solution specialists, we take a holistic approach to maximising human performance. Using the latest monitoring technologies and applying advanced scientific principles, we work with you to implement successful strategies and solutions to ensure your team reaches peak performance.

PIA is focused on using non-invasive technology to monitor the physiological and psychological status of your human capital. Through the collection and analysis of daily data we are able to give insight to how each individual can make improvements that may lead to improved performance and engagement.

Although PIA has a strong commitment to data driven decision making it is our belief that it is the combination of the quantitative and qualitative information that creates the best performance profile of your people. At PIA we give life to the data so that the numbers have a human face.

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“Dr Duncan is a highly respected figure amongst all Australian Sporting Codes. Australia leads the way with sports scientists Worldwide with Dr Duncan being at the pinnacle of this list.”

Mark Bridge, Western Sydney Wanderers
Australian National Team and 2008 Olympian

“Craig Duncan is a rare sports scientist who has actually walked his talk as a strength and conditioning coach, putting away his white lab coat and working at the coal face, problem solving on a daily basis to assist his athletes to be the best they can be. I have known Craig for over 15 years and his innovative approach to training combined with his depth of sports science knowledge will allow you to see the wood for the trees in the jargonistic jumble of technology that has become athletic performance coaching.”

Ashley Jones, Strength & Conditioning Coach

“Craig Duncan is the most professional person I have ever worked with, excellent at what he does but on top of all he is someone who really cares about his players regardless where they are in the pecking order. I was very lucky to have worked with him in a time in my career where I really needed someone to help me not only physically but mentally and it was an absolute pleasure working with Craig.”

Nicky Carle, Formerly Sydney FC, Bristol City, Crystal Palace and Australia

“Dr Craig Duncan’s knowledge, expertise and attention to detail is second to none. In my first twelve months working with him, he transformed our team from a mid table team to a double winning championship side. He achieved this through his expert training planning, which accommodated players at both ends of the age spectrum. e environment he created allowed us to perform to optimum levels when required. e balance between training and recovery was perfect as we peeked at the right time, winning the minor premiership on the last day of the season and winning the grand nal on penalties. His attention to injury prevention was evident throughout our time working together, which resulted in the coach having a full squad to select from.”

Terry McFlynn , Sydney FC General Manager of Football & Former Sydney FC Captain
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